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GRE Student Post: Never Stop Improving

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This week, we hear from Prakhal about his GRE prep. Thanks for sharing all of those tips, Prakhal! 🙂

About Me: Hello GRE aspirants! My name’s Prakhal, and I’m from India. I’m from a place called Pink City. I graduated in 2013 from MNIT Jaipur (India) with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I joined an MNC after college, which is where I’m currently working. I hope to get an MS in either Control System or Sustainable Energy from the best university that I can get into. I love to play my keyboard and guitar.

Biggest Challenge: I was never a good reader, and rarely read anything except course books. So, improving vocabulary was a big challenge for me. Besides that I wasn’t able to do RC problems efficiently. Quant, on the other hand, was not a big problem for me. I just needed some practice to do my best. To improve my verbal skills, I started writing down each and every word that I encountered on practice problems or while reading that I didn’t know. I created an account on , which allowed me to make word lists and study from them. I also started reading and tried to digest those recondite articles. Of course, the Clemmonsdogpark vocabulary android app was great (Clemmonsdogpark didn’t pay me to write this :-P). It’s really a great app containing very important words.

I solved each question in the Clemmonsdogpark question bank and, trust me, they were really good. I found those questions to be the closest to the actual GRE questions than any other material I used (except for the Official Guide, obviously). Using Clemmonsdogpark is way better than buying books filled with errors. A very great aspect of studying with Clemmonsdogpark is the HELP TAB. Although I couldn’t get to manage a very good score in verbal section, these efforts really helped me to improve. I am in love with words now!

Tips for others: If I were to take the GRE again, I would just try to solve more RCs and learn more words. Practice is the only key to crack GRE.

My advice is to practice as much as possible. Take at least 10 mock full-length tests before your test day. Even if you are good in Quant, don’t take it lightly. If in a mock test you get a 169, take it as an affront and try to get full 170 on the next one. For the people who aren’t very good in Verbal, read as much as possible and try to read lengthy and harder articles. Try to go through all the AWA issue topics as well. Take rest a day before your big day and don’t panic during or before the exam. Have confidence. Have faith in your hard work. Good luck!

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