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We Love Your Feedback

You may have noticed that you now have the option to leave feedback on our . Just below every lesson video we now ask Did you like this lesson? and you can click Yes, I liked it or No, I didn’t like it…though obviously we do a little happy dance for the yeses 🙂

And even better than just saying yes or no, you can leave us with qualitative feedback about the lesson video! While we won’t respond to all the feedback, we do read every piece of feedback because we want to make the lessons as helpful as possible. In fact, if you rate a lot of videos without offering qualitative feedback, we may hunt you down…or just reach out to you and ask for some more detailed comments. We’ve received some great comments thus far. Here are a few examples:

Feedback on the video

Feedback on the video (Premium-only)

Feedback on the Intro to video

So far we’re doing pretty well, with 92% likes. However, we know there’s room for improvement! We’ll closely look at your feedback and will re-record individual videos that aren’t above the 90% like rate because we’re committed to giving you the best GRE prep possible. So keep the feedback coming!

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