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Track All Your Notes in One Place

A while back (over 18 months ago!), we added a feature that let you take notes when reviewing a question. We later expanded notes to lessons. And now many of you have likely seen those pesky pencil icons reminding you to review your notes.

The Problem

But over the past year as student have created more and more notes (over 100,000!), we’ve received many requests to make the notes accessible from one place.

The Solution

Well, I have good news! Your notes are now viewable in one place. On the bottom of your Dashboard, you’ll see a link to quickly access all your math and verbal notes.

When you click the link, you’ll see all your notes broken out by lessons and questions for Math, Verbal, and Writing.

The Note-able Data

And lastly, for those who love graphs and data, here’s a breakdown of the number of notes taken by section (Math and Verbal) and by type (Question and Lesson).

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