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The Importance of Reading for the GRE

We’ve exalted the benefits of reading many, many times on this blog, as it’s truly one of the best ways to improve your verbal score. Reading helps build your vocabulary. It teaches you how to use words in context. It introduces you to complex sentence structures and improves your comprehension. Dare I say, it makes you a more educated and intelligent person. However, many students simply don’t take the time to read, and instead choose to focus on more obvious GRE study methods- taking practice tests, memorizing words and formulas, and the like. While these tasks are important too, reading should also be a part of your routine. Below, you’ll find links to articles about reading. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to make reading a daily part of your life, too 🙂

1. : In this  blog entry, Evan Manning discusses the importance of reading not only for the improvement of our intelligence, but also for the enhancement of our emotions and our knowledge of ourselves.

2. : JSTOR is an online digital library that contains thousands of scholarly articles.  You’ll find hundreds and hundreds of GRE-level articles here.  As a History major at UC Berkeley, I used (and loved) JSTOR on a very frequent basis. So I was thrilled to hear that I could gain free, albeit limited, access to JSTOR by signing up for its Register & Read program, which is discussed in this link.

3. : This article highlights an app called ReadQuick that claims to help you read faster.  Although I have yet to try it, it seems like it could be good for those who find it hard to complete the verbal section in the allotted time.

4. Reading suggestions for the week: There are a lot of things you can read to improve for the GRE exam. Want to ? Go for it! Alternatively, you could try reading the .

Time to hit the books!

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