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GRE Study Tips You Don’t Hear Every Day

Learn your math formulas, memorize vocabulary, practice, practice, practice!  While these are indeed effective study tips, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing them over and over again.  Never fear! Here are some less-trite tips to get your mind working:

1. Write your study notes by hand on actual, physical paper. This is better for learning and it keeps your brain sharp. You can read more benefits .

2. Two weeks ago, I pointed out that you can find useful GRE study and grad school information on social media sites. This week, I have the proof to back this up: this states that people remember facts better when they see them on social media sites than if they had seen them in a book.  Shocking! If you want to see our GRE tips on Twitter, you can follow us  🙂

3. Make time for fun! This Forbes article on  points out that overworking (or over-studying) “increases mistakes (which take time to correct), blocks the synthesis of new ideas, and leads to inefficiency and poor decision-making.” Avoid this by taking breaks, exercising, meeting up with friends, or doing whatever else it is you want!

Study on!

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