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GRE Math Practice Questions

Since readers are always asking for more GRE math practice, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite questions from to make them available to you for free. The truth is, when it comes to studying for GRE quant, you can never get your hands on enough practice questions.

I’ve broken down the questions below by difficulty, starting with the easiest. You can check your answer by clicking either the question or the link below that says “See answer”. It will take you to a new tab (and your timer will start!). There you can watch a video explanation or read the text explanation to help you understand the problem better.

Easy Level Math Practice Question

The question above is a question that you should have absolutely no trouble answering. If you do, then I’ll be honest and say you’ve got a long road ahead of you. That’s okay though. These kinds of questions are really straightforward. They’re just testing to see if you grasp the basic concept. This one’s a multiple answer question, so more than one answer could be right.

Medium Level Math Practice Question

This problem is a noticeably more difficult question to answer. You’ll see that not only are expected to know the straightforward math principle (as above), but you’ll have to wade through a word problem to even begin setting it up. That’s a common set up for a GRE math problem and you should get used to it.


Hard Level Math Practice Question

Now you’re staring at a pretty tough problem. Any problem at this level will require multiple levels of work to arrive at the solution. Be careful with these kinds of problems, as often you’ll think you’ve finished and found the answer (which will be listed), but there’s actually another step or two until you’re actually done with it.

Very Hard Level Math Practice Question

Now the problem above should have you shaking in your boots. And if it doesn’t, then you are either headed for a top score, or you’re delusional. Either way, come test day you’ll be face to face with a few questions of this caliber, or even slightly more difficult. The thing about these kinds of questions is that you’ll think you’ve got the answer right, but you probably don’t. That’s what makes them so hard. It’s best to get used to them now, but remember that on the GRE each question is worth the same to your score, so there’s no sense in dwelling over questions like this and when you could be getting to easier questions down the line. You can always come back if there’s time.

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