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Announcing our GRE Vocabulary Flashcard App!

Hi all!

Last month, we announced our GRE vocabulary flashcards that students could download and print out. At that time, we said we were working on a digital version of these flashcards. Wait no longer…

We’re excited to introduce our new GRE Vocabulary Flashcard app for , , and ! Our GRE experts have carefully selected 1,000 of the most common and challenging words on the GRE to focus your vocabulary studying.

Why did we make the GRE flashcard app?

We wanted to make it easier for you to improve your GRE vocabulary. We’ve seen many of you make flashcards as you study and thought we’d help you out by making them for you! Instead of having to go through each individual word in order one at a time, we’ve developed a way for you to practice words you’re uncomfortable with more often.

How should you use our flashcards?

Start by selecting a deck of words. Check out the image to the right to see what the decks look like on your phone. We have 3 categories of words each with multiple decks:

  • Common: very likely to appear on the GRE
  • Basic: challenging words for many students
  • Advanced: challenging words for nearly all students

Once you’ve selected a deck of words, you can start learning. As you use the app, all you need to do is tell us whether or not you know a word. We’ll take care of the learning process from there, making sure you see the words you don’t know again and again until you master them. And if you’re ever not sure about a word, we recommend saying you don’t know it. Words you don’t know will gradually progress through our stages: from “Learning” to “Reviewing” and ultimately to “Mastered”.


How does our GRE flashcard app help you study?

Our flashcards are adaptive. That means you don’t just cycle through words and hope that rote memorization will do the trick. It won’t. The Clemmonsdogpark GRE flashcards use an algorithm that employs the Spaced Repetition Technique (SRT) to help you focus on words you’re struggling with the most. As you master a word, you’ll see it less and less frequently until it becomes firmly stored in your memory.

You can take our flashcards anywhere, so all that time on the bus or waiting in line can be turned into productive study time. We sync your progress across devices so you can switch between your Android phone, iPhone, iPad, and computer without missing a word.

How can you get the app?

You can download the app in the Google Play Store of the Apple app store. Just search for Clemmonsdogpark GRE Flashcards or use the buttons below.

You can also use them on the web at . We can’t wait to hear what you think about it. Let us know in the comments!

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