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Re-designed GRE Video Lessons

We have some BIG news. Based on your feedback, we’ve redesigned our video lessons page in the . Let’s jump right into the changes.

New lesson states

Previously, lessons were either unwatched or watched (denoted with blue or grey links). While these states were helpful, they didn’t account for situations in which you watched a lesson but might need additional review later on. We now have three states:

1. Unwatched: These lessons are blue.
2. Watched: These lessons are blue with an eye icon next to the lesson.
3. Finished: These lessons are green with a green check next to the lesson.

With these states, you can better track which lessons you have yet to watch, which ones you may want to watch again, and which ones you have completed or finished. See the screen shot below:

Add Notes

You can now take notes for each lesson. Your notes are private so no other user can see them.

And you’ll see a pencil icon next to any lesson to which you’ve added a note.

Improved Lessons Interface

Last but not least, we’ve revamped the lessons interface:

1. Navigation for additional lessons is now on the right
2. You can see thumbnails and video lengths for each related lesson
3. You can more easily navigate to the next lesson
4. You can mark each lesson as finished

We hope you like the changes! Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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