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Would You Walk Over a Weak Bridge?

A frequent problem my students have on analogies is they choose an answer that only has a weak link between the words. I call these tenuous link weak bridges. Once you’ve learned to spot these the analogy section becomes much more manageable.

Try making strong links out of the following pairs of words.

storm : catastrophic

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planning : predictable

Many of you probably found yourself using the word “could” in your word bridges, e.g. a bad storm could be catastrophic. (Notice I had to add the word bad as well.) Planning could make something more predictable. When we have to use the word could, we are dealing with a weak bridge.

In the answer, or a strong bridge, the two words must always be related by definition only. Let’s take a look at the following:




By definition if one is garrulous they are talkative. By definition if you are penurious (or poor) you lack wealth. You could not say, if you are penurious you could have some riches. If you had even some riches you would no longer be penurious.


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