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Think You Got What It Takes to Ace the New GRE?

Recently, I’ve been laboring away at Sentence Equivalence Questions. In doing so, I’ve been trying to assign a difficulty level to each problem. With so few ETS samples, however, it’s tough to accurately rank problems. Moreover, even the most difficult questions we see in the new GRE book may not be the most difficult questions waiting for the test taker.

That said, here is what I believe to be a pretty difficult question. I could be totally wrong, but I think this one should give most pause. In fact, I’ll offer a one-month subscription to for the first person who is able to give me the correct response along with a short explanation.

Pearson’s prose has become increasingly —- ; even those who once extolled his intricate metaphors now believe that the excessive use of such language only serves to undermine any semblance of narrative.

(A) unguarded

(B) figurative

(C) ornate

(D) vague

(E) suspect

(F)  subtle

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing what you come up with!

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