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The Revised GRE – Sentence Equivalence Challenge

For those of you wondering whether to take the GRE, here is a type of question called Sentence Equivalence. The question is similar to today’s GRE Sentence Completions. However, Sentence Equivalence Questions have two possible answers, both of which have to complete the sentence in a way that gives the sentence the same meaning. Most of the time, this results in two answer choices that are synonyms.

Below is a relatively difficult Sentence Equivalence Question. Let’s see if you can get it in less than 90 seconds.

The answer and the explanation will be posted tomorrow.

Good luck!

That the nightmarish depictions common to most 20th century dystopian novels are exaggerated should by no means diminish the — power of these works, for many of the visions they conjure up are reflected, albeit in less vivid form, in many totalitarian governments today.

(A) sustained

(B) relevant

(C) comprehensive

(D) political

(E) revelatory

(F) prophetic

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