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Practice Question of the Week #2: Win a Premium Subscription to Clemmonsdogpark GRE!

Integer properties:

If k is an non-negative integer and 15^k is a divisor of 759,325 then 3^k-k^3=

A. 0
B. 1
C. 37
D. 118
E. 513

The answer will be posted tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll be choosing another winner to receive a free premium subscription to the Clemmonsdogpark GRE product to help you study!

Submit a correct answer and explanation by commenting on this post or head over to our with your response before 1PM Pacific Daylight Time tomorrow and we will select any one of the readers with the correct answer to win.

This is a pretty touch challenge problem, good luck!


EDIT: Comments will remain hidden until we release the answer and the name of the winner, so don’t worry– if you submitted an answer with an explanation, we can see it, even if it may not show up on the post for you!


Update: Here’s the answer/explanation post!

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