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GRE Vocabulary- Wont: Another missing apostrophe


This word has nothing to do with won’t. It is an adjective, not a verb. And it is almost opposite from won’t. For if someone is wont to do something, he or she is accustomed or likely to do it.

e.g. He is wont to studying late at night, sometimes as late as 3 in the morning.

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A related word is unwonted, and is basically opposite in meaning to wont. Unwonted means atypical, not customary. Unwonted usually isn’t used to describe an action(s), but is used to modify an abstract noun/quality, as in the example below.

For someone so timid, she spoke with unwonted flair, dazzling those who usually slept during her lectures.


(A) stubborn : obstinacy

(B) critical : discernment

(C) penurious : wherewithal

(D) intrepid : resolve

(E) harmful : truth

Answer: If you are wont you LACK unfamiliarity. (C) has this same relationship—if you are penurious you lack wherewithal, or money.

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