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GRE Vocabulary Q&A

Next week, Chris will be doing a series of vocabulary-themed posts, addressing everything from mnemonics to recommended reading (non-GRE workbooks, literature, publications, etc.)!

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Throughout the week, we’ll also be accepting questions about anything and everything vocabulary-related that you may be curious about– submit a question as a comment on this post and Chris will answer it in the Vocabulary Q&A Video we’ll post next Wednesday, as part of the second weekly “Video Wednesday” series we’re trying out.  If we don’t have a chance to address your question in the video, fear not– each and every question will be answered in text form in a post we’ll publish later next week.

As a warm-up for the week ahead, brush up on your vocabulary strategies by checking out the Clemmonsdogpark GRE Vocabulary page.  There’s an entire table of contents at the bottom that has an organized list of every vocabulary post we have.  Enjoy!

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