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GRE Vocabulary: Do You Flout a Bugatti or Flaunt it?

Many students I’ve had over the years confused flaunt and flout. The GRE is well aware of this tendency, so be careful.

To flaunt is to show-off something. We typically hear this word coupled with wealth:

After winning the lottery, Mikey was apt to flaunt his newfound wealth about the town, revving his Bugatti down the main drag, a $30,000 Rolex insouciantly draped over the driver’s side window.


To flout means to disregard with contempt and is usually coupled with the words rules or laws, as in:

Though the speed limit read 35 miles per hour, Mikey gleefully flouted the law, driving his Bugatti in excess of 100 miles per hour.

Okay see, if you can tell the difference.

A pedant is apt to flout/flaunt his or her knowledge, and equally apt to flout/flaunt any rules of decorum requiring intellectual modesty.

Answer: (Flaunt, Flout)

As for using words daily (remember your vocabulary arsenal), next time you are driving and somebody roars past you in the fast lane, you can exclaim, “Look at that person, flouting the law!

Unless of course you are this person, in which case you can dub yourself a flouter.

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