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GRE Math Formulas Cheat Sheet

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Before walking into the GRE, it is a good idea to know the following formulas/tidbits. In fact, not knowing the information below can seriously hurt your chances of answering a question correctly…and affect your chances at achieving good GRE test scores.

At the same time, while this is a very useful cheat sheet, do not just memorize formulas without actually applying them to a question. Often students will see a question and will assume that a certain formula is relevant. This is not always the case. So make sure you practice using the formulas so you will know when they pertain to a question.

GRE Math Formulas Cheat Sheet - magoosh

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And now…GRE math formulas!



Simple Interest: V=P(1+rt/100), where P is principal, r is rate, and t is time

Compound Interest: V=P(1+r/{100n})^nt, where n is the number of times compounded per year


Work Rates

{1/{T}}={1/{time 1}}+{1/{time 2}}, where T is the time to completion of a task when two workers are combining effort.

Learn more about Work Rates.



{A+B}-{({A}bigcup{}{}{ B})}


Distance, Rate, and Time






Arc Length={x/360}2{pi}r

Area of sector={x/360}{pi}r^2



Perimeter=4s, where s = side

Area = s^2



Area = l*w, where l = length and w = width

Perimeter = 2l+2w






Total degrees = 180(n-2), where n = # of sides

Average degrees per side or degree measure of congruent polygon = 180(n-2)/n


The Distance Formula



Prime numbers and integers

1 is not a prime. 2 is the smallest prime and the only even prime.

An integer is any counting number including negative numbers (e.g. -3, -1, 2, 7…but not 2.5)


Fast Fractions

{1/x}+{1/y}={x+y}/{xy} i.e. {1/2}+{1/5}={2+5}/{2*5}=7/10



3 : sum of digits divisible by 3

4 : the last two digits of number are divisible by 4

5 : the last digit is either a 5 or zero

6 : even number and sum of digits is divisible by 3

8 : if the last three digits are divisible by 8

9: sum of digits is divisible by 9


Combinations and Permutations

nCr={n!}/{r!(n-r)!}   n is the total number, r is the number you are choosing


Watch about Combinations and Permutations.



Probability of event = {number of ways that fit the requirement}/{number of total ways}

Learn more about Probability.


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