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Commonly Confused Words

Wangle (v) – to attain through dishonest means.

Wrangle (v) – to argue or dispute noisily

Let’s see if you can tell the difference. (Answer at the bottom.)

1. Standing near the end of a very lone line, Jim thought better to wangle/wrangle with those who had just cut in front of him; instead, he wangled/wrangled his way to the front of the line with a smile and a $20 dollar bill.

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Here are two other commonly confused words used in GRE vocabulary. Note that the parts of speech are different.

Vindictive (adj.) – likely to seek revenge

Vindicate (v) – to clear or free from accusation


(A) prevailing

(B) clement

(C) cowardly

(D) hostile

(E) unprepared

1. wrangle, wangle

2. B

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