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Danger! Little-Known GMAT Idiom Spotted

To be enamored means to be in love with or to really like something. So which of the following is the correct idiomatic usage? He was so enamored of/by/with beagles that he volunteered to adopt unwanted beagles from the dog kennel. Two of the above are appropriate. Indeed, all three prepositions could work, however one […]

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20 Commonly Misused Word Pairs on the GMAT

Although thousands of different word-usage errors could appear on the GMAT, the test repeatedly includes commonly misused words. The following is a list of twenty commonly misused word pairs (or trios), along with definitions and examples of the proper use of each word. Accept, Except Accept is a verb that means “to agree to receive […]

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GMAT Strategy: The Something Method

Turning complex problems into simpler ones is a key to success on the GMAT. Often, you will be confronted with a time-consuming difficult problem. If you can find a way to break it down, you will not only get the right answer, but you will also save time. In the video and example below, we […]

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GMAT Quant Strategy: U-Substitution

Finding ways to turn complex problems into simple ones is a valuable skill when taking the GMAT. U-substitution is a technique that can help accomplish this. It will save you time and decrease the likelihood that you will make a mistake. In the following video and example, we examine u-substitution in more detail. Below is […]

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