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Complete Guide to GMAT Idioms

Maybe you’re struggling with GMAT Verbal or maybe English isn’t your first language–or maybe both. In either case, it’s likely that your struggling with GMAT idioms. With that in mind, Clemmonsdogpark is thrilled to present our free GMAT Idiom ebook, available for download here!

We’ve just released the , which includes detailed explanations and examples of 27 different types of idioms: idioms involving prepositions, conjunctions, infinitives, comparison, and many many more! All written by our resident GMAT grammar expert, Mike McGarry :).

How Should I Use the GMAT Idiom eBook?

You should use this eBook as a both a thorough guide to GMAT idioms as well a reference as you go through Sentence Correction questions where you might need some idiom-related help!

“No course explained idioms in such a lucid way.” , scored 730

Comment below to let us know how you like it, and which GMAT eBook you’d like us to create next (we’ve already done a GMAT general introduction and Integrated Reasoning).

You can print it out or save the PDF to your computer/phone/tablet for reading on the go, and feel free to share with friends. We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful!

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