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Archive | GMAT Grammar

Double Negatives Aren’t Correct

After answering a question on GMAT Club, I realized that one type of error is not on every student’s radar. Many students are attuned to parallelism and are vigilant about eradicating modification errors. Same goes for the more typical grammar errors—students know about subject-verb agreement and pronoun-antecedent agreement. But double negatives have floated below the […]

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GMAT Idioms: Correlative Conjunctions

UPDATE: You can find this blog and others about idioms in our new GMAT Idiom eBook! Conjunctions Conjunctions are joining words: they help to link together two nouns, or two verbs, or two larger structures in a sentence.  Coordinating conjunctions (e.g. “and”, “but”, “or”) simply link two words or parts — they can even link […]

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GMAT Grammar

The GMAT Sentence Correction tests a few different things, but of course, the most important thing it tests is good old-fashion grammar.  To get anywhere with the GMAT SC, you have to know your grammar inside-out.  Here’s a brief overview.   Verbs! GMAT grammar all starts with verbs.  Every sentence on the GMAT has at […]

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GMAT Preposition “with”

Prepositions in English display a powerful diversity of uses.  In the previous preposition article, we talked about the proposition “to”.  Here, we will look, at the preposition “with.”   The preposition “with” The word “with” is a preposition.  This means, it must be followed by a noun — or by something playing the role of […]

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Top Six GMAT Grammar Tips for Sentence Correction

First, a hard Sentence Correct for practice. 1 The term “Immaculate Conception”, a doctrine that the Roman Catholic Church formally proclaimed in 1854, not referring to the conception of Jesus, which, according to Christianity, occurred miraculously despite his mother Mary being a virgin, but to the conception of Mary in the womb of her mother, […]

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GMAT Grammar: Appositive Phrases

Friends, Romans, countrymen: It is time to learn about appositive phrases!  But first, a practice sentence: 1. Being America’s national bird, the Bald Eagle has little natural predators like the Great Horned Owl, and their population dwindling to almost nothing up to the point of DDT being banned. (A) Being America’s national bird, the Bald […]

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