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GMAT Data Sufficiency Practice Questions on Probability

First off, some of my previous blogs that may be relevant: 1) Data Sufficiency Tips 2) Probability Rules 3) The probability of the “at least” scenario 4) Probability problems involving counting Here are eight practice questions.  Solutions will appear at the end of the article. 1) In nine independent trials, what is the probability that […]

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GMAT Probability Questions

Here is a set of 14 GMAT probability questions, all in the Problem Solving style on the test, collected from a series of blog articles.  Answers and links to explanations to these these GMAT probability problems are at the end of set. —————————————————————————————————————————————— The scenario below is relevant to questions #1-#3. There are two sets […]

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Geometric Probability on the GMAT

In the first three articles in this series on GMAT probability questions, I discussed the AND and OR probability rules,  “at least” probability questions, and probability questions that involve counting.  This post covers relatively rare kind of probability question not covered in the first three posts: geometric probability questions.  First, a few challenging practice GMAT […]

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