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GMAT Tuesdays: Problem Solving – Figures Drawn as Accurately as Possible

As you work through problem solving questions, you will see a lot of figures, charts, shapes, and lines! But can you trust them? What can you assume about those shapes? This week, I dive in and answer these questions!

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Circle problems on the GMAT

Here are eight practice problems involving circles.  The difficulty of these problems ranges from medium to very challenging. 1) In the diagram above, O is the center of the circle and angle AOB = 144º.  What is the area of the circle? Statement #1: The area of sector AOB is 40% of the area of […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Challenge Question — Tour through Geometry

  Hello! 🙂 This week, I’m solving a tough challenge question that you might have seen on our blog if you visit often! This challenge question draws on a whole host of geometry concepts and formulas, so it’s a great test for how much of geometry you really know. And just in case the board […]

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Angles and Parallel Lines on the GMAT

First, a couple of relatively easy practice problems. 1) In the diagram above, what is the measure of angle y? Statement #1: x = 30° Statement #2: line AB is parallel to line CD 2) In the diagram above, line m and line n are parallel.  Given that angle a = 40° and angle c […]

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