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Archive | Coordinate Geometry

GMAT Tuesdays: Problem Solving – Figures Drawn as Accurately as Possible

As you work through problem solving questions, you will see a lot of figures, charts, shapes, and lines! But can you trust them? What can you assume about those shapes? This week, I dive in and answer these questions!

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Breakdown of GMAT Quant Concepts by Frequency

Clemmonsdogpark’s very own Mike McGarry, GMAT/Math Teacher/Tutor/Foosball player extraordinaire, went through 5 different sets of Official GMAT Practice Material and tallied questions based on the subject material they tested to find the most common GMAT questions. Here are the samples of Official Material he used to figure out the GMAT Quant breakdown: 1.GMAT Official Guide […]

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Quadrants on the GMAT: The Cartesian Plane

Learn to master an area the GMAT loves to test.  The Cartesian Plane (a.k.a. the x-y plane) is a favorite GMAT topic, especially on GMAT Data Sufficiency.  It’s a simple topic, but with just enough subtlety that the testmakers can spin endless questions from it. Quadrants The quadrants begin with I, where both x and […]

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