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How to Get a Perfect GMAT Score

The sub-4 minute mile, a perfect round of golf, a 300 in bowling… oh the elusive Mt. Everest. A GMAT 800: the perfect GMAT score. Improbables of perfection, how can any ever hope to summit your slippery slopes? Hard work won’t quite cut it. An element of luck, a touch of madness, and more than […]

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How to Get From 650 to 700+ on the GMAT

You studied for months. You had a good handle on the structure of the test. You did a bunch of practice exams before the big day. You got a 650, but you’re disappointed. A 650 is a good score, especially considering that the average GMAT score is a 550. But, you want to be in […]

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Highest GMAT Score in the World

Let the battle begin! The battle for the highest GMAT score in the world, that is. If you took the GMAT test in 2014, then you weren’t just competing against those in your test center–you were also competing with every other test taker in the world (how’s that for some high stakes? Cue suspenseful music!). […]

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GMAT Enhanced Score Report

Fact: GMAC recently announced the Enhanced Score Report (ESR) feature. Fact: The ESR is available for all GMATs completed after October 1, 2013. Fact: The cost of the ESR is $24.95 (US) Fact: You can download an official fact sheet. Fact: You can watch the official online demo. Fact: You can decide to get this […]

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