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The GMAT Gets Shorter!

GMAC, the brilliant folks who create the GMAT, have decided to shorten the length of the GMAT exam. Starting on April 16, 2018, there will be six fewer Quant questions and five fewer Verbal questions. Learn more about what’s changing, and whether or not you should move your exam date.

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GMAT Updates – 2016

On Thursday, March 10, 2016, just a week before Mike’s favorite ethnic holiday, GMAC, the folks who create the GMAT, hosted a webinar for test prep professionals, folks such as I, on GMAT updates and I listened in. Here are some of the discoveries I made. Canceling and Reinstating Scores Back in the old days […]

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An Overview of Clemmonsdogpark’s Free GMAT Resources

Clemmonsdogpark’s GMAT experts have created a plethora of free GMAT resources to help you study more effectively and efficiently. Here’s a big list of our free resources so that you can spend more time studying and less time looking for the best materials. I’d recommend bookmarking this page so you can come back to it […]

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[Webinar] 3 Hacks to Transform Your MBA Application

  Are you looking for tricks, tips, and shortcuts on how to edit, proofread, and polish your MBA applications to perfection? Our friends over at Accepted will be hosting an interactive webinar, 3 Hacks to Transform Your MBA Application, which will cover cool editing techniques to help applicants transform rough drafts into polished, compelling essays. […]

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Refer-A-Friendsgiving is here!

Hey, Premium students! We recently launched our Praxis Core prep and we need your help spreading the word! If you refer a friend to Praxis, we’ll send you an exclusive Clemmonsdogpark t-shirt! You’ll also get the $10 Amazon gift card that comes with all referrals. Here’s the awesome t-shirt we are giving away. It has […]

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Celebrate Fall with Savings on MBA Admissions Consulting!

Fall is about more than leaves changing colors – it’s about savings. Big savings that could save you $1000! Round 1 applicants are starting to see the ROI on their investment in working with an Accepted admissions consultant; interview invites and early acceptances. Round 2 applicants…it’s your turn to get those applications in tip-top shape […]

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