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Are You a Competitive B-School Applicant?


All year long at Accepted we receive calls from prospective MBA applicants asking whether their profile (GPA, GMAT, work experience) is competitive at the schools they’re interesting in applying to. It’s a question we take seriously and address individually, because there are so many factors that impact competitiveness. Targeting the right schools is crucial, because otherwise you could end up not getting in – and who wants to delay/deny their b-school dream?

If you’re applying to business school with low stats, you need to have a strong strategy. That means evaluating your profile honestly, thinking about where you’re a competitive applicant, and doing everything you can to mitigate your stats and strengthen your overall profile.

Accepted’s new guide, , gives you a no-nonsense plan for how to put together the most competitive application possible. If your aspirations are higher than your GMAT/GPA, you can’t afford to miss it.

and bring yourself one step closer to an MBA acceptance!

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