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Choosing a Part-Time MBA location: Asia

A guest post from our friends at BusinessBecause! Enjoy! 🙂

Part-time MBAs are becoming increasingly popular as people opt against being out of work for a significant amount of time. While this approach guarantees a steady income and less debt, it is very challenging. We take a look at a few students who decided to juggle work and study in Asia.


Anne Yeung, MBA student at the

Anne has run Cranes Media since graduating from university in 2008, but decided to go to business school to gain more business skills. Last year, she joined CUHK as a part time student and has enjoyed stepping out of her comfort zone, because it has allowed her to meeting people from other industries.

“I am inspired to advance my own business,” she said. “I’m the youngest in my class; all my colleagues are so experienced, they inspire me to be better”.

Watch about Anne .


Wang Xiaoyan, MBA student at

Wang was a researcher director at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences when she decided to pursue a part-time MBA at the SAIF. She did this because, having worked in healthcare for five years, she wanted to move in healthcare venture capital. To further complicate things, she gave birth to her son midway through her MBA which meant she missed out on doing internships. Despite this, she thoroughly enjoyed her experience.

“The SAIF MBA is so rigorous and systematic on all aspects of finance. It’s given me a great financial analysis framework,” she said.

Watch about Wang .


Gao Jing, MBA student at

Gao was working as a consultant in Shanghai when he decided to do an MBA. While he wanted to stay at his company, he thought doing an MBA would give him a solid understanding of business the tools needed to cope in the business world. Therefore he chose to do a part-time MBA at SAIF. While there, Gao signed up for the mentoring scheme and was paired with a banker. With his help and advice, Gao decided to pursue a career as Mergers & Acquisition expert. He really enjoyed his MBA but admitted that it was tough at times.

“I had to pull many all-nighters,” he said. “And there was a great deal of pressure, both mentally and physically, for us part-time students who had to do our day jobs at the same time.”

Watch about Gao .


David-Anthony Gordon is a journalist working for, a professional networking and news site for the business school world. It also includes helpful information such as and and has fresh daily content.

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Every year many people choose to do a part-time MBA in Hong Kong


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