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Best B-School Advice of the Week — October 30-November 6

What if you could get advice on your MBA apps right from the mouths of pros in the field?

Well this week, you can :). We asked some of our favorite MBA prep sites to give us the best piece of advice they’d want every MBA applicant to know, and we’ve put all their responses in this week’s list!

So in no particular order, here are the top 7 pieces of advice (in no particular order) to keep in mind as you work on your b-school apps:

  • tweeted this:

    Practice, practice, practice! Never give up until you reach the finish line.

    — MBA Center (@MBACenter)


  • MBA Programs shared:

    There’s so many! We really like to share this article about being a successful bschool student:

    — (@mbaprogrms)


  • wanted you to know:

    Determine fit:Talk to current students to learn more about the bschool&program you’re interested in before submitting your…

    — Rotman MBA (@RotmanMBA)


  •  added this tip:

    Be authentic, genuine, unique. How? Get to know yourself first – reflect, get introspective, brainstorm!

    — Stratus Prep (@StratusPrep)


  • tweeted:

    . having an App Timeline helps applicants to focus (podcast)

    — MBA Podcaster (@MBAPodcaster)


  • shared this:

    Best App tip is simply “Take risks”!

    — Admissionado (@Admissionado)


  • And added:

    do your research and choose the right program – executive, professional, online, etc. Success is matching life, budget, & goals

    — Women On Business (@womenonbusiness)


That’s it for this week’s list! Let me know in the comments below if there are any other pros you’d like to hear from in next week’s list!

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