How (and Why) to #ThankATeacher During Teacher Appreciation Week

How (and Why) to #ThankATeacher During Teacher Appreciation Week

Kemi on May 9, 2019

As my senior year of high school flung one curveball after another my way, I walked away with deep appreciation for one particular teacher of mine. I learned I was an undocumented student, and thus couldn’t apply to many of my dream colleges, and I had a mysterious nerve injury in my right arm, forcing me to sit out my final season on our varsity tennis team.

Through it all, Mr. Davis, my Calculus teacher, was a source of refuge. His classroom always felt like a safe space in the midst of the chaos that was now my life, and best of all, he constantly made me and my classmates laugh. I channeled Yoda during a year-long, hoodie-wearing phase, during which he took to calling me “O Hooded One.” His passion for math was infectious, and he was a pivotal influence in my decision to major in math in college.

So why celebrate teachers this week?

While it’s true that our education system in the United States is rife with challenges, it’s also equipped with countless teachers and educators like Mr. Davis who are driven by the desire to do well by their students.

In recognition of that, in 1985 the National Parent Teacher Association established the first full week of May as Teacher Appreciation Week, and the National Education Association joined them to celebrate the Tuesday of that week as National Teachers Day.

Here at Clemmonsdogpark, as former teachers and students ourselves, we admire educators across the world who work to create environments where their students feel safe, supported, and empowered to learn. 

Though it’s important that we as students, parents, and a society at large show our appreciation for teachers on a regular basis, we believe that weeks like this provide an ample opportunity to remind ourselves to shower teachers with some well-deserved praise.

How can I show appreciation to a teacher of mine?

Glad you asked! “Thank you” is a powerful sentence, and taking a few minutes to send a note to even ONE teacher who made a difference in your life – no matter if they taught you in first grade or your junior year in college – can be so meaningful.  

Not sure what to say? We’ve got you! Copy the email template below and make it personal. Think back to how this teacher made you feel and the words will flow.

Teacher Appreciation Email Template:

Hi _____,

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and I wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you! I was your student in [YEAR] at [SCHOOL], and these days I’m ___________.

I just wanted to say thanks for being so ___________ and for making me feel _________ in your classroom. I still remember when you _________________!

No matter what you’re up to these days, I hope you know you are appreciated and that you’ve truly made a difference in the lives of many of your students, including mine.

Take care,


Can you think of one educator who made a positive impact on your life? Show them some appreciation in the comments below, or better yet, send them a thank you note!

Thank you for joining us in appreciating teachers and educators,
The Clemmonsdogpark Team