Clemmonsdogpark Student Happiness Report — Q4 2014

Clemmonsdogpark Student Happiness Report — Q4 2014

Kevin on January 15, 2015

Hello beautiful! I’ve missed you! Did you miss me?

We finished the year with a crescendo of stoke and happiness at Clemmonsdogpark! And we are ready for another stellar year! Bring it on 2015!


Stoke—By the Numbers

A lot has changed since Clemmonsdogpark began helping students. Each year, our seasonal ticket peaks in the Fall have grown from the low 1,000s, to the low 2,000s, to this year, where we peaked near the mid 5,000s. Stoked!


We were able to make it through the peaks with a strong satisfaction rating, but I know we could’ve done better. Our wait times were higher than I would’ve liked, and higher than our students would’ve liked. I think that our drop to 97% satisfaction in October was connected to higher wait times.

We are looking at the change in our satisfaction to identify our ideal reply time. We’ve never actively kept track of our reply time. We considered satisfaction a better metric to focus on, but it is clear that how long a student waits matters and effects satisfaction (I know this probably seems obvious for all the customer service gurus out there). So we’ll actively track our reply time and use it as a leading indicator for satisfaction in the coming year.


Student Stoke

Let’s just start with a simple formula that sums up Clemmonsdogpark and Student Stoke.



I couldn’t have put it better. At Clemmonsdogpark, we all have faith in our students success and their ability to achieve their goals. Sometimes, believing in a student is all that is necessary for them to succeed and for them to be stoked! 😀


Awesome! Inspired! Confident!

If you asked someone to write down words that describe test preparation, none of them would write, “awesome,” “inspired,” “enjoying,” or “amazing.” Unless they used Clemmonsdogpark, of course.


I like to think of this as the Clemmonsdogpark factor. Test prep is usually drab, tiring, boring, and strenuous. Sprinkle a little Clemmonsdogpark factor into the mix and soon you’ll be shedding tears of joy.

And I am not being hyperbolic. Here’s the proof:







How are students so stoked? Simple, we care!

When I first left the classroom and started with Clemmonsdogpark, I worried that by teaching online, I would loose my connection to students. I thought that teaching would become sterile and lack the human connection that I had grown to love. This turned out to not be an issue at all.

We are able to empathize and connect with our students in a very real way. 😀











Our Test Prep Experts are Awesome

Impressed and humbled is the only way that I can describe how I feel about my colleagues. I am very lucky to work at a tech company that is truly committed to education. We are not a bunch of engineers trying to break into “edtech.” We are a collection of teachers and learners committed to helping students.

Unequivocally, a large part of our success is due to our team of empathetic and dedicated teachers, tutors, and educators.



Our students love our experts so much, they pin their pictures on Pinterest! 🙂



















We want students to learn—not just prepare for a test

Our commitment to our students’ learning goes beyond standardized tests.

We don’t teach tricks. We teach skills that students can use beyond the test. We are agnostic toward material.

We like our content and are constantly improving it. But we know that we are not the only company in the game making great content. That’s why recommend other material from other companies. We want students to have the best material in front of them for their test and for their future.





The support I received from the Clemmonsdogpark support team is laudable; they not only cleared my doubt, but also elucidated the topic nicely.

— ↯気 (@shinigamiasuka)



Great resources make for stoked students

Making great materials and resources is never over. There isn’t a single question that we’ve written that can’t be improved. We are always looking for ways to make our lessons better, our recommendations better, and our questions better.










Staying Stoked

We make lesson videos for all our products that start with basic concepts. We don’t assume anything about our students’ knowledge, so Mike, Chris, and Lucas start with the fundamentals in the early lesson videos. More advanced students can skip these lessons, but some students who’ve been out of school for awhile, need to brush up on some concepts.

We record lesson videos with adults in mind. Now with an SAT product, we’ve had to shift our focus to high school students. We never thought, though, that our videos would be useful for a 10 year old. That assumption was joyously proved wrong with this comment:



Luckily, we don’t have to try very hard to stay stoked at Clemmonsdogpark. No one has to wake up and wonder if we are making a difference or helping people. Our goals and values are not vague. We have a clear purpose that makes everyone stride into work with a smile.


Be excellent to the universe, good people! Keep the happiness high and the stoke level at eleven.

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