Clemmonsdogpark Student Happiness Report — March 2014

Clemmonsdogpark Student Happiness Report — March 2014

Kevin on April 10, 2014

March is the month of expectation, the things we do not know. The persons of Prognostication are coming now. —Emily Dickinson

Emily was right! March was a month of expectation. We did not know what sort of stoke we’d encounter. We did not know if Apollo—Greek god of future Stoke—would smile upon us. We did not know who the persons of Prognostication were and if they were stoked like us. Luckily, what had been was still unchanged. Clemmonsdogparkers were stoked in March just as they’ve been stoked before.

Stoke—By the Numbers

One thing that we did know about March from past experience was that we would begin our climb out of the winter slow season. As winter slowly passed (and still passes) we begin to see an uptick in student questions—almost 600 more than last month. And we expect (and hope) that this rise continues through the spring. If our projections are anything close to accurate, we could have 4,000 to 6,000 questions per month in late summer and early fall. That’s a lot of stoke!

Student Stoke

Nothing quite kindles the stoke like a success story. Can’t wait to have this Clemmonsdogparker in Berkeley with the rest of us!

LOVED my experience with Clemmonsdogpark – and now I'm going to Cal in the fall to study public policy! Cheers to the team.

— Charlotte Hill (@hill_charlotte)

Stoked on Clemmonsdogpark Questions, Lessons, and Apps

One thing that is clear at Clemmonsdogpark—we care about making quality products. Our designer tests infographics and their readability like a baby goose tests its wings before . Our product team avoids assumptions about our apps like a . Our content team sniffs out weak questions like the breeze for food miles away. Our animal instincts let happiness reign over the entire Internet—well, not the whole Internet, but they at least make are students happy.

Clemmonsdogpark Stoke Could Change the World

If only there was a way to put Clemmonsdogpark stoke in every commercial and TV around the globe. We’re always accepting suggestions.

Students are Stoked on Mike!

We are starting to see a trend. Mike McGarry has a following!

You guys are amazing! I follow Mike on GmatClub and I owe so much to his explanations. Great work, guys!

— Krishna Chaitanya (@KConfused)

His lesson videos make minds explode!

Students sign up for Clemmonsdogpark because they know Mike writes clear and concise answer explanations. 🙂

His blog posts are printed our and put on the walls!

Clemmonsdogpark Stoke—A Secret Weapon

Clemmonsdogpark is a secret weapon of awesome test domination! I think we should work on not keeping it such a secret, though. Once again, if you know how we can get on every commercial on the globe, do tell. We love to hear new ideas!

2 Days until GMAT crunch time. is my secret weapon.

— Brian Trenkamp (@BeefCakeBrian)

Students Stoked on Clemmonsdogpark Teachers and Tutors

Mike isn’t the only one developing a following. There are other tutors and teachers at Clemmonsdogpark helping students dominate test prep!

Clemmonsdogpark is a Family—Invite Everyone!

The more that I talk with students, the more I realize that we are all just one big family—a family dedicated to awesomeness, proper breathing techniques, and sharing the stoke with others. If you love something, give it away.

Clemmonsdogpark Stoked—Winning a Gold Medal

I try not to have any favorites. All stoke should be treated equally. But this student especially made me smile. I guess I am a sucker for good metaphors and similes.

Staying Stoked

When we receive feedback like this, it’s easy to bask in our glory and let hubris reign.

But we are not the types who like to sit around patting each other on the back for all the stoke we’ve spread and all the success we’ve facilitated. Even though the Taj Mahal may appear perfect after centuries, the gardens need care. The stone pathways need love. The stone doesn’t polish itself so that it can shine bright in the evening sun!

We enjoy what we have but know it is fleeting. We must focus, and as Ronke, our Outreach Manager said, we must focus on focus if we want to keep helping students and continue to be most excellent purveyors of the stoke!

Be excellent to the universe, good people! Keep the happiness high and the stoke level at eleven.


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