4 Pieces to Complete Your Application Puzzle

4 Pieces to Complete Your Application Puzzle

Linda on October 19, 2016

You’ve decided to apply to grad school and have whittled your list down to the programs that meet your goals and needs, and are within your reach. Now is the time, with application deadlines several months away, to . This way you’ll have the time you need to submit complete, shining apps to the adcoms.


Your Personal Jigsaw Puzzle

The elements of your application can be looked at like a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece – your GPA, transcripts, test score, resume, essays, and letters of rec – when put together shows a complete and comprehensive picture of you. The objective of putting together all of this data is to introduce yourself to the adcom, so it’s imperative that all of the pieces fit together properly in order to make an accurate introduction and a slam-dunk first impression.

A Cohesive, Holistic Picture

Your complete application needs to make sense, so that the adcom members can easily discern how each piece fits into your one-of-a-kind puzzle.

Here are the pieces of your graduate application puzzle and what each one represents to the admissions committees.

: Summary and overview of your professional qualifications.

    2. Transcript and test scores: Raw data on academic aptitudes.

    4. Essays: You expressing your unique story. This is your chance to add detail and color to the picture of what makes you different from all other applicants, and why this grad school would want you as part of its incoming class. Your essays are the glue that holds your puzzle together.

Your whole application should present a unified, clear picture of YOU, showing your most remarkable undertakings, notable events, critical scores, and stats. There should be few (if any) overlaps between the items above. But they all need to complement each other. The complete picture must be whole, not disjointed. A missing piece, or one that doesn’t fit into a space will make your application puzzle appear sloppy and unfinished. It should show you as a multi-faceted, fascinating, and compelling applicant.

Be sure your application shows all of the different pieces that complete the unique puzzle that is you.

What to dive deeper into these key elements? , an Admissions Straight Talk podcast episode. (And if you like what you hear, there are loads more episodes!)



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